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RGS Style Inspection Car (Pop Car)

The inspection car was purchased from an antique dealer near Montrose and donated to the Museum about five years ago. This pop car originally belonged to Western Power Company and is similar to the style of pop car used on the RGS. It is in the process of being restored so that it can operate on our demonstration track at the Museum.

The pop car has the traditional Fairmont single cylinder, two-cycle engine that has been rebuilt. An optional feature is that it has a two-speed transmission, an expensive pop car option for mountain railroads.

The Museum has spent the last couple of years gathering parts to fabricate the drive belt and the brake system. Carey Boney of North Carolina has been of great assistance in this parts search.

Fairmont inspection cars are used daily on the Durango-Silverton RR.

Ridgway RR Museum Logo

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