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RGS Employee Database

The Ridgway Railroad Museum has established a database for Rio Grande Southern Railroad and D&RG)W) narrow gauge employees. The project, managed by Bonnie Koch, the Museum's Educational Coordinator, is ongoing and added to on a continuing basis as new information becomes available. We now have 700 pages of information concerning almost 5000 former employees of the D&RG(W) and Rio Grand Southenr Railroads.

At its inception many members of the RGS workforce had been Denver and Rio Grande employees who moved to the new operation. Additionally, the RGS Railroad was under Receivership much of its existence. Thus, some of the workforce in the database is shown as D&RG employees or both RGS and D&RG.

The database is arranged into these topics: Last name of employee; First name; Middle Initial; Railroad Identification; Position on the Railroad; Pay Rate; Location if possible, (some employees operated out of several locations); Earliest Date of employment found; Latest Date of employment found; Comments.

The Comment column identifies both primary and secondary sources of information. Primary sources are information archived at the Ridgway Railroad Museum. These include items such as telegrams, paychecks, shop time cards, and signed forms. Secondary sources are employees identified in published materials such as books and newspaper articles about the railroad.

Information from this database may not be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Ridgway Railroad Museum. Questions, corrections or additions may be sent to the Ridgway Railroad Museum, Box 588, Ridgway, Colorado 81432.

All original materials, text, and images Copyright 2010 by the Ridgway Railroad Museum. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any materials, text and images without the express written permission of the Ridgway Railroad Museum is strictly prohibited.

All rights to materials, text, and images attributed to other sources are reserved to those sources. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any these materials, text and images without the express written permission of the owners is strictly prohibited.