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Scale Drawings for Rio Grande Southern C-17 No. 42

by Jim Kottkamp

Measurements for these drawings were accomplished in September of 2008, at the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. I do not claim that all measurements are exact due to any number of problems, to include thick paint, and accumulations of grime on some nuts and bolts. I also did not request permission to climb on the locomotive, so all measurements were accomplished from ground level. Additionally, some measurements were extrapolations based on measurements from photographs. It is important to note that although #42 was constructed using standard practices over the years numerous modifications were made when repairs were accomplished.

Photographs provided along with these drawings were accomplished by me and are provided without copy write. These photos are meant to augment the photos provided in the Quick Pic Book listed below. No narratives are provided, simple photographs to show details for modeling purposes.

I made these measurements to compliment other sources, which even when combined, were not able to provide the detailed measurements needed to construct an accurate model. These sources included:

RGS No. 42, Class C-17, 2-8-0; drawing by John Maxwell, from the John Maxwell Collection.

D&RG Standard Consolidation Erection Drawings (C-16) Denver Shops 1881, from the John Maxwell Collection

Narrow Gauge Pictorial, Vol XI, Locomotives of the D&RGW, by Grandt (C-17 Folio drawing)

Quick Pic Book; Rio Grande Southern Loco #42, 2-8-0 Class C-17, by Mike Conder & Tim Mulina

The photo below shows RGS Engine No. 42 in service south of Placerville.

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