Restoration Week, June 2-6, 2014

By Karl Schaeffer and Don Paulson

This year's work week was a hugh success. A total of 15 volunteers worked 408 hrs and accomplished a lot with most of the work done on business car C. We removed 2/3 of the old metal roof, repaired the roof structure, replaced the old tin with new, and covered the metal with roofing rubber. We also reconfigured the bracing of the south side for the correct doors and windows. We also painted and applied new siding on the south side.

We did a great deal of cleanup and weed work as well as door repair to both the stock car and box car. Additionally we rebuilt the trestle including adding more ties, spacing and shimming them properly, and adding the notched wooden guard rail that helps keep the ties properly spaced. It all looks like something the Bridge and & Building folks of the D&RG would have built. Lastly we got two new glass fronted bookcases, built by Jim Pettengill and John Ast, installed and loaded up with our library books.

Since the work week we have rebuilt the Guston Depot (see article on our web site Home page) and had the asbestos removed from the two stove areas on Business Car C and then finished the roof area over the old, and incorrect, stove areas. We had three new people, two of whom are local. This is very encouraging and we can always use more help.

Below is a photo of the work crew on the last day after four days of hard work (l to r: Stuart Harrah, Rod Bunyard, Tom Hillhouse, Domn Paulson, Gary Wolf, Hale Houts, Jim Pettengill, Campbell Stanton, Chris Weiser, Bob Meyer, Karl Schaeffer, Marshall Smith and John Weiss. Thos of you who have worked at the C&TSRR will be familiar with Marshall Smith and his wife Mary Jane. Not pictured: Reid Henry.

Below are photos from the week's work.