Restoration Week, June 10-13, 2013

By Karl Schaeffer and Don Paulson

Restoration Week 2013 was another success. Sixteen people participated to the tune of 270 hours and made major progress on business car 'C'. We removed most of the siding, painted about 300 pieces of new siding, applied new siding on the north side and plywood on clerestory and the south side. We added two pieces of 1/4" x 6" x 48" steel bar to give extra support to the north side sill. We also discovered that we need to replace the entire 35-foot side sill on the south side before completing that siding. We know how to do it, but it will be considerable effort. We found the historic (1882) locations of 3 windows and the small baggage type door on the north side. There is much more archeology needed to find and perhaps re-frame the other windows. We added many things to the to do list, and figured several out. Many thanks to all who participated. Don Paulson led the paint crew, Bob Meyer led the siding crew and Jim and Kathy Pettengill organized the luches and snacks.

Below is a photo of the work crew on the last day after four days of hard work (l to r: Jim Pettengill, Chris Weiser, John Weiss, Campbell Stanton, Gary Wolf, Bob Meyer, Rod Bunyard, Dan Turner, Karl Schaeffer and Don Paulson. Not pictured: Stuart Harrah, Tom Hillhouse, Michael O'Connell, Lauretta O'Connell, and Junell ????

Below are photos from the week's work.

1) The paint crew early in the week. l to r: Gary Wolf, Rod Bunyard, Don Paulson, Junell ???, John Weiss, and Jim Pettengil

2) The paint crew mid-week, l to r : Rod Bunyard, Michael O'Connell, Jim Pettengill, Don Paulson, Chris Weiser, Gary Wolf and Lauretta O'Connell.

3) Tom Hillhouse after cutting 600 boards to the same length!

4) The siding crew l to r: Bob Meyer, Karl Schaeffer, Jim Pettengill, Stuart Harrah, John Weiss, Dan Turner and Campbell Stanton. As you can see, occasionally one of the paint crew members would sneak over and work on the siding.

5) The damaged south side sill which needs to be replaced.

6) The steel patch added to reinforce the north side sill. Fortunately the intermediate and center sills are all in good shape.

7) The two photos below show the car with the north siding stripped off and after the new siding was applied and three windows and doors cut in for the original business car. The siding needs to be sanded, repainted and varnished. After the new sill is in place on the south side we will begin putting the siding on the south side.